Corporate Governance

Investor Toolkit

Fuad El-Hibri
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Daniel J. Abdun-Nabi
President and Chief Executive Officer
A.B. Cruz III
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Adam R. Havey
Executive Vice President and President, Biodefense Division
W. James Jackson, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer
Robert G. Kramer
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services Division, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer
Barry Labinger
Executive Vice President and President, Biosciences Division
Allen Shofe
Executive Vice President and President, Corporate Affairs Division
Shauna M. Tholen
Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Corporate Services Division
Robert G. Burrows
Vice President, Investor Relations
Tracey Schmitt
Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility
M. Lisa Swoboda
Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer